Powerade Mountain Blast Sports Drink
Powerade Mountain Blast Sports Drink
Powerade Mountain Blast Sports Drink
Powerade Mountain Blast Sports Drink

Powerade Mountain Blast Sports Drink

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Power up with a bottle of this Powerade® Mountain Blast Sports Drink (20 oz. bottles, 24 ct.). Delicious and rejuvenating, you'll feel the difference in energy the next time you bring this with you to exercise.

What's in Powerade Mountain Blast Sports Drink?

Powerade Mountain Blast Sports Drink consists of a delicious Mountain Berry Blast to quench your thirst while refueling your body with what it needs for you to continue an intense physical workout. Each Powerade sports bottle contains vitamins B3, B6, B12 and their proprietary ION4 Advanced Electrolyte System. This system provides your body with four electrolytes lost in sweat—sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium—to replenish your body and keep it running.

Perfect for Athletes

Although this Mountain Berry Powerade can be enjoyed as a sweet and delicious everyday drink, it's specially designed to help athletes perform at high levels. Packed with four electrolytes, one Powerade sports bottle is enough to keep you hydrated and energized. With only 130 calories per bottle, you won't feel weighed down on the court, field or gym.

Delicious Berry Flavor

Most sports drinks can have an artificial, off-putting taste. But with Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, not only is it a revitalizing drink but a delicious tasting one as well. With each sip, you can revel in its ripe blue raspberry taste with a hint of other mixed berries in the background.

Portable Powerade Sports Bottle

With an entire case of 24 Powerade sports bottles, you can easily take the entire case with you, or take an individual one on-the-go. Perfect for sports teams, you can toss every player a bottle to keep them performing at their maximum potential. Or take one just for yourself to gain an edge over everybody else. Best served when cold, simply place the entire case in the fridge and snag a bottle out whenever you need it.

  • Energizing sports drink with a delicious berry flavor
  • Contains four electrolytes lost in sweat to keep your body's energy levels high
  • Includes vitamins B3, B6 and B12 for extra energy production
  • Pack of 24 Powerade sports bottles you can easily take on-the-go

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